Earth Day Rainy Red Fox!

April 22, 2016  •  2 Comments

Welcome to my new blog! (Er, well, what I really mean is welcome to my-attempt-to-blog-regularly. I've had a blog in the past but didn't really keep up with it.  I've been posting images to my facebook account for quite some time, but I'm finding that I would like a better platform to share my images of nature alongside some of my thoughts. So, here goes!

The Earth Day Fox

With no reports of whales in the area I stayed home to focus on some work. But the itch came. I needed a walk, or to take photos.. or just something! I had to move my bones. So I grabbed my gear and figured I would perhaps do both. On the way down to American Camp National Historical Park, it started to rain. No biggie, I don't mind rain. But then the wind came! I decided to drive around and maybe get out, but the wind was blowing rain into my eyes, I figured I wouldn't stay too long. I was there long enough for a Red fox to make a dash for my vehicle. This is a series of the Fox approaching and then shaking off some of the rain which reminds me to shake things off occasionally and take a fresh start at something. This is that something. 



Traci Walter
Hey Ken! You know, I'm not entirely sure. The females have had their kits already, so a female might not look as heavy as she had been a few weeks ago. I also didn't see any urination during this brief encounter which would have given me a clue. I'm guessing the rain had made the fox not look as fluffy too. ;-)
Kenneth Husted(non-registered)
Is this a male? Does he look a little skinny to you? Maybe just the wind blowing his fur. Nice shots!
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